There are currently 4 lakes Føroya Sílaveiðufelag is setting out salmon smolts and fingerlings.
It is:

Leynavatn, Mjáuvøtn (2x) and Saksunarvatn



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The lake is 0,2 sq. Kilometers in with and is situated between Leynar, Kollafjørð and Kvívík. The deepest spot is in the middle of the lake where it is about 33m. Leynavatn has the original Artic Char population in the Faroes. Samples have been fished and moved to lakes like Brúnavatn, Mýranar, and tree other lakes in Vestmanna. There is also brown trout which can be up to two pounds but seatrout has been caught up to 14 pounds.


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Mjáuvøtn (upper): brown trout and sea trout – Mjáuvøtn (lower): brown trout and sea trout


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Saksun is a place of it´s own. It has a great salmon lake and an inshore lake which is connected with the sea by a sandy stream and offcourse the nature there along with the high mountains on both sides. There is brown trout, sea trout and off course salmon when the season starts.

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