1. Only one rod to be used on the lake
2. Use of boat prohibited on the lake
3. Sheep and birds are not to be disturbed
4. No littering
5. The fishing permit is to be worn visible at any time
6. No angling on Sundays
7. Special rules apply for the area “Borgin”* on lake
8. Driving vehicles along the lakeshore is prohibited


Fishing on the beach & whole bay (until lighthouse) at Leynar and the riverbed are subject to certain seasonal regulations.
Both areas may only be fished from October 1st to June 15th.
The riverbed only in its tidal area.
Outside the tidal area, it is closed all year round.
In the lakes of Leynar and Saksun it is allowed to fish between the 1st of May and the 15th of October.
One may also fish in the lake of Saksun on Sunday; but not between 11:00 and 14:00 (during church times).
Fishing is prohibited on Sundays in the lakes of Leynar.

Fishing permits: Permits are however available for fishing in the following lochs: Leynavatn, Saksunarvatn and Mjáuvøtnini on Streymoy.
The fishing permit may be purchased at: Kunningarstovan in Tórshavn and in the EFFO gassstation in Kollafjørð.

Permitted tackle: Fishing is by rod and line only, utilizing hook/s intended for the fish to swallow, or grab by the mouth.
It is strictly prohibited to employ a leister, jig, use tackle, which may foul-hook fish intentionally or unintentionally, or fish by any kind of light whatsoever.

The minimum size limit: All salmon and trout: 30 cm.
Fishing from the Coast: Fishing from the coast is generally allowed, but there are a few exceptions to this, so please inquire beforehand. Please keep a watchful eye on the breakers as conditions are subject to sudden change according to tidal conditions in many places.

Accommodation: It is not allowed to camp on outlying fields or open space.
Use only the indicated camping areas, or, if possible, an area located by the private owner.

Purchase of fishing tackle: There are but a few shops selling fishing tackle.

Please remember
1. to respect nature, do not leave any nylon or any other waste behind you.
2. not to disturb birds or sheep.
3. that it is strictly prohibited to trespass through fields, please bear in mind that all
grass is intended for winter fodder.
4. to close all gates behind you.
5. to beware of sudden fog.

Fishing cards and prices will be updated after the annual meeting of Føroya Sílaveiðufelag which is held every year in March.

Here are the prices for 2019:

Year card 2019 for Leynar and Saksun:
1.500 kr.
For members of the fishing club only!

Equivalent year card for pensioneers 2019: 
400 kr.
For members of the fishing club only!

Day card 2019:
600 kr.
Can be purchased by all anglers.

Anglers under the age of 18 are very welcome to fish for free.

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