In 1967 a contract was made between the owners and the farmers of Leynar, Kvívík and Kollafjørð to make the salmon stairs in the stream from Leynarsand up to Leynavatn.
The first salmon run was completed in 1972 up to Leynavatn but before some salmon were caught in nets and carried up to the lake. The salmon stairs, all the way to Mjáuvøtn were completed in 1975 and the cost was about kr. 300.000
The stairs have been good for both the salmon and the seatrout in Leynavatn and Mjáuvøtn, and every year we see them swimming in the small streams running to the lakes.
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Tekniski Skúli Tórshavn has, with some advise from FSVF, made it possible to install a Salmon Counter/Camera in Leynará.
Currently not in use.

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